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About THTC

At The Heart Therapy Center, we believe that healing comes from within and that everyone has the capacity to heal themselves. We are dedicated to providing a supportive environment for our clients to explore and better understand their inner world and to find balance and peace.  Our team of psychotherapists are trained in a wide variety of modalities and are specialized in helping individuals with anxiety, depression, trauma, grief and relationships. We are committed to helping our clients feel empowered and find the clarity they need to make decisions that will best serve their well-being.

Trauma Informed Therapy in Santa Cruz


The Heart Therapy Center provides individual, couple and family therapy sessions.

Image of woman in nature with outstretched arms.

Eco Therapy

Eco therapy is a type of therapy that takes place in nature. It is a unique form of psychotherapy that engages all five senses and encourages a deeper connection to the earth. By using the natural environment as a therapeutic tool, eco therapy helps you find inner guidance and pathways to healing.

Image of an Art therapy painting.

Creative Art Therapy

Creative Art Therapy is a powerful form of psychotherapy that facilitates self-expression and exploration of the inner self. Through creative activities like drawing, painting, and sculpture, clients are able to uncover and express emotions and experiences that may be too difficult to express through words. This process of using creative arts to explore the conscious and subconscious workings of the psyche can lead to greater personal insight, self-discovery, and healing.

Image of woman dancing in a field.

Somatic & Movement Therapy

Somatic Therapy is a form of psychotherapy that focuses on the physical experience of emotions. It teaches clients to tune in to their body sensations as a way to better understand and process their trauma and joy. It is an effective method for learning to experience emotions through the body, leading to improved self-awareness, regulation of emotions, and better mental and physical health.

Our Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.


545 Ocean View Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA, USA


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